COSMIC CUP — All About the New Evaverse Game Mode

5 min readDec 1, 2022
Cosmic Cup Competitors!

The long-awaited Cosmic Cup game mode is ready for release on December 7th, 2022!

In this game mode, players will race their pets in short, frantic, and skill-based races to earn Tickets and aim for a high place on the leaderboard.

Cosmic Cup is a game mode specifically designed for the Turtle Troop NFT collection and all future Pet collections released in the Evaverse. Since the Turtle Troop NFT collection’s release, the plan has been to create a game mode that allows players to play as their cute companions and provide utility to the NFTs.

The Secret Lives Of Offline Pets

The design for Cosmic Cup combines an active player racing mode with an offline idle loop for passive rewards. Playing the Cosmic Cup gives NFT companion avatars Stamina based on how well they place. Anytime a player is offline, their pet NFT will consume Stamina to race automatically in offline races. When a player logs back into the game, they will receive any rewards their pets collected while the player was offline.

A pet’s Stamina does not generate automatically. Instead, players will get Stamina for their pets by racing with them in the active race mode. We want to provide the utility of offline progression but still encourage people to play the game actively as much as possible.

While every player will get a free Turtle Troop to participate in the Cosmic Cup, only pet NFTs will be eligible to gain offline rewards. Owners of pet NFTs can also loan them to other players and have them refill the pet’s Stamina.

Ready, Set, Active!

Players piloting their pets in the Cosmic Cup have access to several abilities, with most of them having an energy cost. Players will decide which abilities to use and when to maximize their effectiveness.

All pets start the race with 0 energy. Players can fill their energy bar with every step during the race. However, if you’re too close to competitors, energy gain will be disabled. This feature helps balance the decision between staying away from the pack to recharge your energy or interfering with other players to gain an advantage.

  • Attack: Players can launch an attack that will knock other players prone. Players can choose to increase the power of the attack by charging it. However, that will provide a more significant tell for opposing players to dodge the attack. Pets also consume energy while charging the attack.
  • Dodge: Players can dodge attacks and hazards using this ability. There is an energy cost for dodging, so players won’t be able to spam this action.
  • Slide: This free ability lets players trigger a slide that will give them a slight speed boost at the cost of more limited movement control. In addition, players can recover Energy more quickly while sliding. The speed boost gained will depend on the incline, so knowing when to trigger it is part of the skill.
  • Turbo Boost: Triggering this expensive ability will give the player a short but powerful speed boost while slightly reducing control.
  • Jump: Jumping does not cost energy and allows players to avoid obstacles and navigate the race track.
  • Double Jump: Players can trigger a second jump while airborne, allowing them to find better paths or avoid hazards. Double Jump consumes energy.

I Want My Turtle Troop — STAT!

Every pet has a set of stats that influence gameplay. These stats will increase in value as the pet’s level increases. Players gain experience at the end of every race, and reaching certain thresholds will increase the pet’s level. Every time a pet levels up, its stats increase, with its lead stat gaining the most significant increase.

Each pet will be assigned a lead stat based on their “track,” as found in their metadata. The lead stat will always be the highest stat for that turtle and has the highest growth potential from leveling up your pet.

Main Stats


  • Increases the Speed Boost gained from using the Downhill Slide ability.
  • Reduces the slowing effects from inclines.
  • Reduces the energy cost of the Attack ability.
  • Lead stat for Galaxy Turtle Troop.


  • Determines the acceleration rate of the Turtle Troop.
  • Contributes to Stamina gained after an active race.
  • Lead stat for Shiny Turtle Troop.


  • Increases the energy gained from taking steps.
  • Reduces the energy cost of the Dodge ability.
  • Lead stat for Pristine Turtle Troop.


  • Reduces stun duration from getting hit with an attack or hitting an obstacle.
  • Determines the Turtle’s maximum Stamina.
  • Lead stat for Wild Turtle Troop.

Secondary Stats


  • Used to run offline races (NFTs Pets only).
  • Refilled by running active races.


  • Fixed at a value of 100.
  • Used to trigger abilities.

Turtle Troop Evolved

With the release of our brand new game mode for Turtle Troop, we are upgrading their visuals. While the original models were already visually appealing, we have grown as a team since their release and decided to give them the visual polish pass they deserve.

The new and improved Turtle Troop will retain their original attributes and metadata with updated visuals!

Turtle Troop Visual Update

The Future of Cosmic Cup

While the release of Cosmic Cup will be a feature-complete fun game mode, we do have plans for new content in the future.

Soon, a new Pet NFT collection will claw its way onto the Cosmic Cup track. In addition, we are looking at creating new race tracks that will provide unique challenges for pet racers.

As with all of our game modes, we will make changes and improvements based on player feedback.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite pet and go conquer the Cosmic Cup!




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