Evaverse Hoverboard Airdrop

Hoverboards are the fastest way to cruise the Evaverse

The Hoverboard Collection

Hoverboard NFTs are a collection of 10,000+ 1/1 unique ERC-721 blazing-fast ridable boards for all members of the Evaverse. Hoverboards allow players to race in the ultra-competitive EVA Grand Prix racetrack. Winning races in the Evaverse will level up the board increases its stats and future earning potential in the upcoming Play-to-Earn token economy. Hoverboards start with unique stats, including Max Speed, Acceleration, and Handling. Purchasing a Hoverboard grants players immediate access to use in the Evaverse game.

Hoverboard MetaData

Metadata for the Evaverse Hoverboards


Each hoverboard owned can be raced inside the Evaverse game on Steam. Purchasing a hoverboard on Opensea will grant you access to ride the board in Eva Grand Prix against other players.



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Evaverse is a multiplayer social game on Steam built for the NFT communities to come together in a single metaverse world and play games!