Evaverse launches a pre-token earning update!

2 min readJan 13, 2022
Evaverse Grand Prix

We have built a reward mechanism for early adopters which allows players to earn off-chain tokens that represent a future allocation of in-game utility tokens in the upcoming play-to-earn economy. This update brings the Evaverse game one step closer to a complete play-to-earn ecosystem.

Collecting Tickets

Players earn tickets inside the Evaverse game for participating in the ecosystem. Tickets are awarded upon completing hoverboard races, leveling up hoverboards, and finding in-game treasure. Every 24 hours, the top 10 racers will receive additional tickets based on the Evaverse Discord Leaderboard. Players will be able to exchange their tickets for Evaverse Badges, which represent a future allocation of the in-game utility token.

Arrival Badges are the standard token and represent a basic allocation of upcoming gameplay utility tokens.

Zenith Badges are rare and represent a significant allocation of upcoming gameplay utility tokens.

Celestial Badges are the rarest token and represent the largest allocation of upcoming gameplay utility tokens.

These three tokens live in the Evaverse game database and are not backed by any form of blockchain technology. Players will automatically receive an airdrop of the upcoming Evaverse utility token based on the number of in-game token rewards held. The final token amounts will be built into the tokenomics model by the team currently developing the Evaverse in-game economy.

New Feature: Account Prestige

With this update, we’re introducing a new feature called Account Prestige. Each Evaverse First Arrivals character has a prestige rating from 0–100, which represents the overall rarity of the sum of its attributes. The Account Prestige is based on the highest First Arrivals prestige rating in your wallet, regardless of the avatar, you’re currently playing. This gives players the flexibility to play whatever character they like while benefiting from the prestige of their most rare avatar. Higher prestige characters earn tickets twice as fast. They also have higher chances of being awarded Zenith and Celestial Badges for their tickets collected.

Ticket Earning is live on Steam


Everyone is invited to earn tickets and collect in-game Evaverse tokens. No NFTs are needed to play the Evaverse game or participate in hoverboard racing. However, Evaverse First Arrivals will earn tickets more quickly than non-NFT players.

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