Evaverse scholarship program is live!

Press Q or go to Escape -> Loadouts to access this menu
Every type of Evaverse NFT can be loaned
Collecting Tickets are automatically split between scholar and manager during gameplay
Press the Lend NFTs button in the Evaverse Account Page
All Evaverse NFTs can be loaned to other players
  • All Token lending is done by account ID, not wallet address. You can find your account ID on the Account page on the Evaverse website, or in-game next to your name in the loadouts panel.
  • You can add additional IDs for splitting Tickets, but the total split must always equal 100%
  • The minimum % for sharing with a scholar is 50%. We want to honor our scholar's time and efforts and respect the time they spend playing.
  • You can lend any NFT you like, but only First Arrivals affect Account Prestige and Ticket Lending.

Join the Evaverse

To learn more, join the Evaverse Discord!



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Evaverse is a multiplayer social game on Steam built for the NFT communities to come together in a single metaverse world and play games!