Finding & Trading Hoverboard NFTs

2 min readDec 13, 2021

The hoverboard airdrop has concluded. All 10K Evaverse First Arrivals holders have been airdropped a hoverboard NFT on the Polygon Network. This post will explain how to access your hoverboard NFT from your Opensea profile.

Finding your Hoverboard NFTs

Hoverboard NFTs may appear invisible in their collection. To fix this, find your account profile on Opensea.

Find the Hidden Tab in your Account

From your Opensea account profile, find the “Hidden” tab and press the three ellipses button to unhide your new hoverboard NFTs.

Unhide your Hoverboards to add them to your collection

Buying Hoverboard NFTs on Polygon

The Polygon Network is a side chain to the Ethereum main network, this technology accounts for significantly lower gas fees for every transaction. However, to purchase NFTs on the Polygon Network from Opensea, you must have Ethereum on the Polygon Network. Having Ethereum on the Polygon Network requires buying Polygon Ethereum or bridging Ethereum from the main network to Polygon.

Opensea has created documentation that outlines the process of both bridging Ethereum to the Polygon Network and using it to purchase NFTs.

How do I transfer ETH from Ethereum to Polygon?

How do I purchase NFTs on Polygon?

Once you have successfully acquired a Hoverboard, you can pair your wallet to your Evaverse account and join the races! To begin racing your board, download the Evaverse game for free on Steam!

See you on the track!

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