How To Race Hoverboards!

1. Create an Evaverse Account:

Sign up for an Evaverse account using the Sign-Up Page

2. Pair your Wallet to the Evaverse Account

Pairing your wallet to your Evaverse account allows you to access the NFTs you own within the Evaverse game. Wallets can be paired in three locations throughout the sign-up process. Players can pair their wallets when signing up for an Evaverse account, in the member’s website portal, and in the settings menu during gameplay.

Pair your Metamask Wallet when signing up for an Evaverse Account
Metamask wallets can be paired in the member’s area of the Evaverse website
Select the Pair button in the settings menu while playing the Evaverse GameMenu

3. Download the Evaverse Game

Players must create a Steam account and install the steam gaming platform through Steams website. Then they can download the Evaverse game for free through the Evaverse Store page.

Steam Store Platform to Download, Install, and Play the Evaverse

4. Buy a Hoverboard NFT

Although anyone may play the Evaverse for free using the free hoverboard, you must own a Hoverboard NFT to level up and gain experience for the board. Hoverboard NFTs are a unique collection of over 10K Hoverboards that were airdropped to Evaverse holders. For more information on Hoverboards please see this Hoverboard post.

Hoverboard NFTs available on Opensea

5. Racing your Hoverboard

The Gear menu holds all the Hoverboard NFTs for that wallet
The Race panel initiates the start of each race

6. Winning the EVA Grand Prix

EVA Grand Prix Start



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Evaverse is a multiplayer social game on Steam built for the NFT communities to come together in a single metaverse world and play games!